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Effective management of your retail operation starts with a firm sense of security.  What if you could entrust one company with a solid background in service, installation, and hardware to meet all your needs?

Imagine a service provider that actually makes your life easier.  One that ensures your high-volume retail enterprise operates as a nimble, efficient, smooth-running operation.  One in which the right services are consistently delivered to the right location at the right time.

Now take this vision a giant step further.  What if this solution for your security needs was part of a larger solution, one that extended to asset protection, loss prevention, employee/customer safety, and systems integration?

All American Lock Corp. understands the value of responsive, convenient, and timely communication.  We provide a single-source, centralized service center to access technical service, information requests, product purchasing, large project coordination, and installation services.

We are a commercial service industry leader. We present a unique opportunity to integrate maintenance facilities and loss prevention divisions.  The interface between the technician and corporate is a gap All American will bridge with quality, safety, and assurance.

The possibilities are exciting: your security needs are met with one simple phone call to our centralized call center.  From there, your concerns are handled by us.  Competent, experienced contractors are dispatched to the store location to address the entirety of the situation and recommend the best possible solution.

Of course, the true test of an integrated approach to security/facilities maintenance is how well it supports your stores, how much it increases productivity and safety in the workplace, and how effectively it meets the needs of your customers.  All American will offer versatile solutions that extend throughout each retail location.  Our service provisions contain a number of components to simplify and streamline building maintenance, loss prevention, and safety concerns.

For example, by participating in a scheduled preventative maintenance program tailored specifically to the needs of your stores, you’re able to anticipate, rather than react to, inevitable issues and concerns.  Advance troubleshooting and prescriptive techniques equip us with the capability to recommend the best possible solutions.

All American is a principal provider of service. We pride ourselves on being a woman-owned company committed to quality full-service in all areas of security.  We primarily use our own technicians located in several states, and self-performing our jobs is our trademark to ensure quality, reliability, control, and cost.   In this respect, we are pioneers in the industry in that we SELF-PERFORM multiple tasks and oversee ALL JOBS.  Other companies cannot provide uniform service to different areas of the industry such as locks, safes, keys, doors, glass, and welding.  We are unique because we employ fully-equipped service vehicles that are capable of providing service to automatic doors in addition to locksmith work.  We have a proven Preventative Maintenance Program to meet your needs at Corporate, LP, and store levels.  Our PM system helps to prevent costly emergency service calls and litigation due to unsafe doors and hardware.  Aside from the obvious life safety concerns, we also ensure doors meet federal ADA standards.

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All American Lock Corporation is proud to announce that we have been certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council as a woman owned business. Our diversity, superior customer relations, and excellent service separate us from any competition.

WBENC - Women's Business Enterprise - Certified