Knock Out Doors can take a beating and keep on going. These doors are designed to handle the worst beating warehouse equipment can throw at them. They are a great consideration for your high traffic loading dock.

While being extremely tough and resilient, these doors can still act as a privacy wall as well as have windows installed for you to see outside while the door is shut. This way you can check to see if a truck or people are outside within the security of your business.

Another nice feature of Knock Out Doors, are that they can do exactly what the name implies. If you have a forklift impacts the door, it will fold and collapse in itself, most of the time just suffering minor damages. The slats, sections and door tracks are normally fine and just need to be realigned.

Our experienced overhead door repair team can repair and service all brands and models of Knock Out Doors. If your doors are older or new, we can fix your problem. Give us a call.

Not sure if Knock Out Doors are right for you? Our install team can walk you through all the options available