Hollow Metal Doors are built with durability in mind. Metal doors have recently earned an enviable reputation in its own category with engines, architects and trade professionals of the construction business. In fact, Metal doors have become a standard due to the range of products and for their competitive cost.

Hollow Metal doors are long lasting and very durable. Unlike normal wooden doors, Metal doors are termite proof and have no degenerate effects due to sunlight, heat or humidity.

There are 5 major Metal door types. Polystyrene, Kraft Honeycomb, Temperature Rise, Polyurethane, and Steel Stiffened. Even though Kraft Honeycomb is used mainly for interior and residential applications, it can still be used commercially like the other four types.

Our experienced hollow metal and wood door repair team can repair and service all brands and models of Hollow Metal Doors. If your doors are older or new, we can fix your problem. Give us a call.

Not sure if Hollow Metal Doors are right for you? Our install team can walk you through all the options and help you determine which option is best for your business.