Dock Barriers a great solution where protection for both personnel and material handling equipment is needed to safeguard loading and shipping docks. Loading and shipping docks cab be dangerous by the drop-off that is created by the loading dock and the trailer. Dock Barriers are designed to lay horizontal in front of the Dock Door and protect against any person, equipment, or materials from colliding with the Dock Door. Dock Barriers come in a variety of styles including, motorized, manual lift, single bar, double bar and triple bar. Dock Barriers can also be nets and bars that swing out or in, depending on your needs.

Our experienced dock equipment repair team can repair and service all brands and models of Dock Barriers. If your doors are older or new, we can fix your problem. Give us a call.

Not sure if Dock Barriers are right for you? Our install team can walk you through all the options and help you determine which option is best for your business.