Roll Up Doors are usually made up of slats that are 2 – 3 inches in height. The total width of the Roll Up Doors can easily be cut to the required width of the door. The total height is increased by adding as many slats as it may take to match the height of your door.

When the Roll Up Door is fully open, all the slats roll up into a roll above the door itself, self contained and out of the way. The convenience of this type of door, is that when the door is fully open, the overhead access is not in any way disrupted. You also have the option of adding small window slats, that let you see outside while the door is shut. This way you can check to see if a truck or people are outside within the security of your business. Insulated Slats are also available.

Our experienced overhead door repair team can repair and service all brands and models of Roll Up Doors. If your doors are older or new, we can fix your problem. Give us a call.

Not sure if Roll Up Doors are right for you? Our install team can walk you through all the options and help you determine which option is best for your business.